Smart Waste/ Waste Management Services During Corona Outbreak

Smart Waste’s plan for the continuation of our services during the corona outbreak is set out below.

General Waste

We are classified as an essential service because the failure to remove general waste would quickly result in an outbreak of disease. We will therefore continue to remove general waste in accordance with the contract. Our service providers have assured us that they have sufficient resources to be able to do so.

Recyclable Material

Our ability to collect and dispose of recyclable material will depend on whether the recyclers remain open. Some, but not all, are classified as an essential service. We will continue to collect from sites for as long as possible.

Onsite services

We will continue to offer our onsite services. Should it happen that a major percentage of our work force is quarantined we intend to use a team approach. We will then transport a number of staff members to each site on a rotational basis and these staff members will clean and attend to the services on each site. Food waste and other services will continue.

Our management staff are able to work remotely and we will continue to operate. Should you have any queries you may contact any of our senior management team:

  • Ms Tatiana Macitela on 082 871 3832 (Operations)
  • Mr Clint Ralph on 082 331 7200 (Client Relations)
  • Mr Toann Claassen on 082 304 1135 (Financial and Admin)
  • Mr Reg Barichievy​ on  +27 79 579 8210 (Western & Northern Cape)

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Picture: Pixabay