Smart Waste appointed at the Shoprite Group of Companies’ Distribution Centres

Smart Waste has been appointed as the on-site service provider at the Shoprite Group of Companies’ Distribution Centres in the Western Cape. They were chosen from among several contenders for their expertise in the recycling industry as well as, most importantly, their commitment to sustainability and ability to accurately report on waste streams.

“Recycling today is so much more than collecting material and taking it to a recycler,” said Clint Ralph, the CEO of Smart Waste. “It requires an understanding of a client’s sustainability goals and how to provide practical assistance to achieve those goals. Paramount is being able to report accurately on the waste streams giving clients the tools to measure their progress.” he added.

Recycling is far more about achieving sustainability goals than simply collecting recyclable waste

Smart Waste has focused on sustainability and reporting for several years. They implement the latest technology and reporting system which tracks general waste and recycling collections in near real time. The data allow clients to respond to variations in their waste stream and take action with their production and service processes timeously.

“We look forward to assisting the Shoprite Group achieve their sustainability goals.” concluded Ralph.

Smart Waste

Picture: Shoprite Group