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Smart Waste is a waste management company with a national footprint which specializes in recycling on site, the smart recycling solution. We manage the entire waste stream outsourcing the collection functions so as to concentrate on the core service of recycling.

Our services include: recycling on site, arranging the collection and sale of the recyclable material, accounting for payment and providing reports together with safe disposal certificates where appropriate.

In addition to the usual recycling we are now focusing on food waste removal. Smart Waste has pioneered food waste removals over the last 5 years and is able to offer a dedicated recycling service to retailers, hospitality facilities, hospitals and clinics and events. The service is customized for each client.

From its work with retailers and Smart Waste understands how to follow security procedures and stock controls. Once these procedures have been followed the food waste is placed in food-grade lockable drums of various sizes. These are weighed for record purposes and then stored in a secure area until collected and taken to the recycling facility. There is an unbroken chain of custody.

From collection, sorting to reporting, Smart Waste is the smart recycling solution

The food waste services include: advising the client on the most efficient way of collecting and separating different food streams; storing the food waste in lockable containers to prevent smells, spills, vermin and theft; collecting the food on a regular basis and ensuring that the food waste is properly recycled.

The most important aspects for the client are security of the food waste, cost of recycling and the certification and reporting. There are options of where to recycle the food waste which can be agreed with the client. These include composting either; windrows or in-vessel composting, anaerobic digestion, or in Cape Town a fly farm and a waste to energy plant. There are advantages to each option and the choice is often dependent on the location and distance to the client’s premises.

Smart Waste also advises the client on how to remove and store food waste including which type and size of container is most suitable for its needs and provides practical training to staff.

The main advantage to removing food waste from the waste stream is the reduction in cost. In almost all cases it is substantially cheaper to recycle food waste rather than send it to landfill. The other reason for recycling food waste is the upcoming ban on organic material from landfill starting in 2022. There are also the green credentials which flow from having an independent recycling certificate.

Smart Waste crafts your unique recycling solution to make sure your specific recycling needs are matched

Food waste is a rapidly developing area of recycling with few uniform local standards of compostability, bio-degradability and the treatment of food waste. Smart Waste is a founder member of the Organics Recycling Association of SA and through Orasa is actively involved in the development of legislation and the implementation of standards. Smart Waste is able to advise on the present status, legislation and best practice both here and overseas.

Our dedicated collection vehicle and tailor-made service ensure a comprehensive and secure food waste service. We arrange for the appropriate containers and collection on a regular basis. The food waste is taken to a site approved by the client and recycled into good quality compost. Alternatively the waste can be recycled through an anaerobic digester or other solution. Once recycled Smart Waste will provide a report and recycling certificate.

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This article was first published in Cape Business News