We are – without doubt – seeing new recycling trends. Notwithstanding a sluggish economy we are being inundated with clients looking to change their waste management service provider.

Waste management, like many other services, has become inefficient over time and clients have become accustomed to accepting mediocre service. Previously clients were prepared to wait until the end of the contract before giving notice. That is changing.

Providing more than value for money, we bring quality of service

Clients want value for money and they want a service. The economic downturn has highlighted the need for both. Reducing costs where-ever possible has become critically important. In the process of examining this, clients are also looking at the quality of the service they are receiving. Many are dissatisfied with both the costs they are paying and the service they are receiving.

It seems our time has come. Smart Waste has, from day one, placed a premium on a professional recycling service. As well as a personal service. Our managers interact with our clients – not a call centre in a foreign country. We do our best to respond to queries within hours, usually the same day. It makes a huge difference and clients are delighted when they hear from us so quickly.

All the owners and managers cards contain their mobile numbers, there is no hiding away behind a log in system. Whilst systems are important, people want to do business with other people – particularly people they trust. And that is why offering a professional service is important.

In recycling, service and trust work hand-in-hand

In simple terms we do what we say, we provide our services as promised, on time and professionally. We have scores of references to prove this. Happy clients have referred us to other clients, one client has used Smart Waste in three different companies.

Smart Waste has retained its small business foundations. Despite having developed a dashboard for larger clients and offering above average levels of service, at heart we are still a small business. A superior service needs well trained people not expensive equipment.

Keeping our headquarters small shows we understand value – we do not have the overheads which some larger companies need. Which enables us to offer a better value proposition. And value for money is what clients want. Waste is unavoidable but paying too much is.

It has taken an economic downturn to highlight the value of a professional and personal service. The market appears to be responding to this.

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