Smart Waste Services

Environment-friendly Business Solutions

Environmentally Friendly
Our waste management practices reduce the volume of general waste being sent to landfill and the recycled materials are re-used - which reduces the impact on the environment.
Full reporting on where your waste is disposed of ensuring that your waste is disposed of in a manner which will have the least impact on our environment.
Customer Centric
Our focus is on customer relationships and excellent service.
Cost Effective
As an owner managed company we are able to manoeuvre in such a way that will allow for costs to be kept to a minimum. This is turn allows us to keep our costs below the industry average.
BEE Certified
We are a Level 2 BEE company.
Service by Senior Management
Directors themselves visit all sites monthly.

Waste Management Specialists

Meet our leadership team.

Clint Ralph and Tatiana Macitela founded Smart Waste in 2008, when they identified the need to effect change in waste management and build environmentally sound solutions through responsible waste management. This dualistic leadership heads up a team of over 350 dedicated staff and have been tagged as true environmentalists, with a vision to enhance the world we live in through sustainable environmental engagement. Reg Barichievy joined Smart Waste as a partner in 2011 and has since established the Western and Northern Cape region.

Smart Waste Staff & Management Function 2019

Charl Blignault, Smart Waste Top Achiever 2019/2020